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Going into this season I honestly had no idea what I was going to do… but with help of U.S Ski & Snowboard and the #GoldPass I quickly figured it out! I decided I would travel around the West Coast to the 104 resorts that the #GoldPass gives me access to. In the beginning, I thought, “Oh yeah easy, I'll just hit a new resort almost everyday.” Its now the beginning of January and I've made it to nine resorts…


It all started in Breckenridge, Colorado for the Winter Dew Tour! The day I rode Breckenridge was pretty overwhelming…seemed everywhere I looked/went I saw someone I knew. But that's why I went to Breckenridge because I wanted to see all my friends from my competitive days! This is only my second season not being in contest and I MISS it! Since I was 17, I went out to Breckenridge in the beginning of December to start my season, mainly due to them having one of the best halfpipe and parks around. This year, I went to be the “cheerleader”, so I just got to take hot laps with some friends! Here’s just some of the people I ran into at Breckenridge Mountain Resort!

After a great reunion in Breckenridge, it was off to Loveland Resort to teach/ride with Andrea Boehlke for a Continental Tire web series, called “For What You Do”. It turned out to be such an awesome day, with six inches of new snow and a new mountain. On top of that Andrea knew how to ski so we were able to just go riding together! Although the mountain was not yet entirely open, it's a resort on my tour I cant wait to go back to and explore. This ‘ma and pa’ resort looks like it has so much to offer in its terrain, mainly because it's a hidden gem with absolutely no lift lines and it didn't get tracked out instantly like most resorts do on a powder day!

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