Kaylin Richardson Kicks off the Ski Season!

Early Season Excitement!

There are few things in life that give me the butterflies in the stomach like the first day of the ski season does.  It doesn’t matter if the conditions are fantastic or abysmal. Regardless of snow pack or sunshine, I prefer to be on a mountain; it is my happy place. I realize it makes me come off as a bit of a Pollyanna, but I truly am grateful for every day I am out there. Since I was a little girl, that giddy feeling has not subsided, especially when I make those first turns.

The greatest thing about this season is that I am going to be getting that feeling all winter long, every time I click my skis on at a new resort. Which, lucky for me, will be many! With the Gold Pass, I have access to 250 resorts all over the country. I literally could ski at a different ski area every day this season and still have 100 more to go – that’s mind blowing! It is the ultimate playground pass, gaining access to thousands upon thousands of skiable acres.

The beginning of the season also makes me nostalgic for all the turns I’ve made in the past, from the charming ski areas of the Midwest where I grew up, to the winding trails of the East where I raced my first NorAms, to the powdered peaks of the West where I discovered the magic of big mountain skiing. Each region has its strengths that sets it apart and I love the different terrain, ambience and quirks that make them so special.

There’s so much to explore and revisit this season. I plan to straight-line the super steep Chicken run and then reward myself with a Swiss Miss pudding at Welch Village (a rite of passage if ever there was one for Twin Cities-based ski racers). I aim to link together GS turns all the way down Hayride race arena at Stowe without stopping (a feat that will take Ligety-esque prowess). I look forward to first tracks in Honeycomb Canyon at Solitude after a big storm, hooting and hollering the entire way down, of course! All this is possible because of my Gold Pass.

I was at opening day at Deer Valley this past weekend and made those first turns. I fell in love all over again with carving arcs down the luxurious corduroy of Birdseye run. And this is just the beginning.

See you on the slopes!